The Argument Culture Summary and Response

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Audience Analysis The audience I will try to reach are young people who have grown up in the information age. They will be approximately 18-35 years old. It doesn’t matter what their educational or ethnic background is. The audience are the ones who grew up in with the internet and media constantly in their face. I believe the targeted audience already knows a lot about confrontation because it’s everywhere on the internet and in the news. I don’t believe they know a lot about the other side or how to avoid confrontations. They just don’t have the experience. My relationship with this audience is minimal since I am of a different generation. I will try to open their minds to looking into another point of view. A point of view …show more content…
There’s also phones in today’s world. Today cell phones along with home phones. If a person has a problem with another person it’s easier to send a nasty e-mail then to be nasty and hateful in person. Today’s society distorts the facts. It does so by focusing on the more sensational story and not the real story. Also it wastes our time by focusing on issues that are made up and not rewarding the proper achievement. It also limits our thinking by using sensationalism to depict stories. This in turn shapes and clouds our way of thinking. Lastly, it encourages us to lie because society depicts winning at any cost the ultimate goal. We will do anything to achieve this. (pg. 478-479) Tannen suggests our overcoming our habit to seeing in absolutes. To do this, we need to have more dialogue which means have more than two people to discuss an issue. Discuss the issue from all sides and have greater than two people interpret the issue. I agree with Tannen’s view on the argument culture. Today’s world is a lot of sensationalism in the news, too much media interfering and skewing our thoughts and interpretations of things. We need to be more open minded as a culture to all views and not just one extreme vs. the other. We also need to go back to talking with one another face to face trying to work things out. An open mind leads to greater understanding and knowledge.
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