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1-2: Accreditation by the Joint Commission
Using a current Joint Commission Manual for any of the Joint Commission’s (JC) accreditation programs and the JC’s Website ( respond to the following questions.

1. List the accreditation programs and the types of facilities accredited by each accreditation program. * Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program – This accreditation program was established in 1975. Organizations accredited by this program are free standing ambulatory care organizations like surgical, medical/dental and diagnostic/therapeutic services in a variety of settings like, ambulatory surgery centers, military clinics, recovery care/short stay, sleep centers, teleradiology,
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Currently there are more than 500 office-based surgery practices are accredited by The Joint Commission.

2. List and describe the accreditation decisions awarded by JC.
There are six (6) kinds of accreditation decisions that can be made by the Joint Commissions. These are:

i. Preliminary Accreditation – This is awarded when a health care organization shows that it has complied with the selected standards adopted in the surveys conducted under the Early Survey Policy. ii. Accreditation – This is awarded to a health care organization that has successfully met the compliance standards at the time the on-site survey was conducted or who has submitted within the required time period (45-60 days) the Evidence of Standard Compliance (ESC) documenting the successful accomplishment of satisfying all requirements for improvement (RFIs) as was instructed in the posting of the Accreditation Survey Findings Report. The organization should not be awaiting any other accreditation decisions. iii. Accreditation with Follow-up Survey - This is awarded when a health care organization is not in compliance with specific standards at the time of the on-site survey and is given a period of 30 to 60 days comply to the findings in the follow-up survey compliance that require a follow-up survey within 30 days to six months. Evidence showing compliance should be documented in an ESC submission. iv.


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