Hcs 430 Week 2

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Regulatory Agency paper
HCS/430 Legal issues in Health Care: Regulations and Compliances
September 27, 2010

Regulatory Agency paper
The Joint Commission is an agency that maintains partnership with the government to help improve the standards of health care within the United States. The Joint Commission accredits health care organizations and health care programs by setting standards to help improve the quality and safety of health care. The Joint Commission work closely and collaborates with government officials and legislation by ensuring health care organizations in the United
States meet specific guidelines, set by The Joint Commission, which health care services provided are delivered with the highest
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Other responsibilities of the Joint Commission are to strengthen the safety of patients and build the trust and confidence of communities. The Joint Commission is constantly addressing specific areas to help hospitals improve their performance measurement.
Effects on Health Care
The Joint Commission has a direct effect on the health care system. The standards developed by the Joint Commission help health care organizations improve their care they provide. An accreditation from the Joint Commission is a seal of approval that is an indication to patients that the health care facility focuses on quality care and the safety of their patients. According to Ernest, (2009, p.48) “evaluating healthcare organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality value”, However, Ernest, (2009, p.48) also argues that The Joint Commission has placed the needs of the facility it inspects above those of their patients. This is an indication that some of the standards set are burdensome to health care organizations and deemed unnecessary. According to ("Doctors lash out," 2007), JCAHO requirements that become implemented are sometimes at odds with the real needs of patients even though