Joint Commission

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The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that certifies more than 18,000 health care organization and programs throughout the world. Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission provides a national symbol of quality for health care as well as analyzes each organization’s commitment to meeting high quality performance standards. The Joint commission focuses on accrediting Acute Care Hospitals, ambulatory, behavior health, long term care, health care facilities, clinical laboratories, health care networks and hospice. Numerous of accreditation organization is also taking place within the United States, but the Joint commission remains the largest The Joint commission accredits 20,000 organization” which” one third are Hospitals.
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The Joint commission is also responsible for providing quality check “which” provides hospitals specific information about clinical performance in the care of patients and the children asthma care. The strategic surveillance is another responsibility of the Joint Commission and it provides hospital with the tool risk measurement and cooperative measure reports to help improve the quality of care. The Joint commission high quality of standards also expresses the organization level of performances in areas such as, patient rights, patient treatment, and infection control. The Joint commission high standards of quality assurance provides better business, more effective and efficient operations, stronger risk management strategies, and reduction in patient incidents.
The Joint commission and its deeming authority is a benefit to the health care organizations as well as other programs and it help to resolve problems with healthcare quality and safety issues. The Joint commission also gives reassurance to the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services that medical facilities are in compliance with government standards. Since 1951, the Joint Commission is recognized through the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services as being a deeming authority under the Medicare statue. However, the Joint commission must complete a formal an application process every few


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