Critical and Creative Thinking

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Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking
Critical thinking is an important and valuable skill to have. Critical thinking affects both your professional lifestyle as well as your personal lifestyle. Critical thinkers should encompass skills needed to thoroughly analyze all the variables in a problem. During critical thinking, decisions should be based upon logic, and relevant and accurate data. Problem-solving and decision making is part of our everyday lives. It is important to use critical and creative thinking when solving problems and making decisions. Without thinking critically, you may miss out on important details that may help you come up the best solution or make the best
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Location was also very important. I did not want to be too far from home but I did not want to be so close to home that it may cause a distraction. This was especially important because home was New York City for me and it was very easy to become home sick in rural areas. If I attended a university that was too close to home I may have been distracted by social events and hometown friends. Therefore, it was important to have a healthy balance in location; one that would not be too far but not too close.
From critically comparing and analyzing the specific things I was looking for in a university, I was able to choose my undergraduate school: Lincoln University in PA. Critical thinking requires an individual to compare and analyze all options and variables of a situation in order to come up with the best solutions or decision. It could have been easy to choose an extremely cheap school, but critical thinking helped me to examine the schools further in-depth. This in depth analysis assisted me in understanding that although a school may be cheaper, it may not offer the curriculum I was seeking. The university could have been located too far into a rural area causing homesickness which may have led to me discontinuing my studies at the particular university.
Identify characteristics of critical and creative thought
Critical thinking refers to “An ongoing process of taking charge of your mind to improve the quality of your thinking and creative thinking refers


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