government and bullying

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Senior Thesis

Should the government put laws into place to prevent bullying?

Many people say that causes of bullying come from our surrounding.For example family problems,cultural causes,social issuses and mainly bully's personal history. These issuses cause the victims to commit suicides and not only that but to actually kill the person that bullied them. These issuses are around us but we do not really pay attention to them unless we are the victims or someone that has a close relationship with us . In this case should government put laws into place to prevet bullying? Is is possible to prevent all these accidents from happening?

According to the bullying statisctic program over 160,000 kids miss school everyday because
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Generally the affected kids do not talk about these incidences with their parents or teahers. They usually try to solve the problem themselves even though they know it is impossible. The victims are either too scared or they just feel embarrassed to admit such a behavior happening to them. They feel weak and hopless. Most of the time kids usually complain of false aches or pretend that they do not feel well just to avoid going to school. Frequent crying or getting upset often leads to parents noticing that there is something going on. No one else knows their kids better than their own parents. It is really easy for them to notice if there is something going on, unless thay do not care about their childs personal life or problems. Additional signs od bullying could be unexplained bruises or even abnormal behavior. That is when a parent or a teacher should step in and investigate about what is going on with their child or student. If a parent of a bullied child can not figure out they can always ask for help the schools counsellors. They know how to talk with students and they know how to get to them. The first thing about identifying the problem is to build confidence in the child. They need to see and feel that they are being listened to and that their feelings are espected. That is a prefect time to pay attention to all the details in childs behavior. The way it speaks and narrates. These days bullying


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