Comparisons of Change Models

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Change is a usual task in every organization in order to develop an organization itself or survive in the industry. Since the business world is changing rapidly these days, the management has to have the ability to handle the organization’s development properly by applying change theory models with an organizational strategy. Therefore, people in an organization can implement with change effectively. This paper will compare three broadly used change models: Lawin’s Change Management Model; Action Research; and Positive Model, to understand how to practically apply these change models with an organization’s development including strengths and weaknesses of each model.
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However, Lawin’s change model can guide management to psychologically understand how people in an organization act and how to approach to them in different processes when a change takes place which can implement with every change model.
Action Research Model
According to O'Brien (2001), Action Research is the model of learning by doing. Action Research is one of the change models that is based on social science. The model allows the groups of participants who are in the change area to define the problem and collaboratively solve it together with the practitioners. The participants will contribute the solution and feedback to resolve the problems. There are several usual steps of practical Action Research methodology.
Firstly, the group of participants examines the problem which needs to be resolved. Then, the practitioners who might be organizational development consultants, or organizational psychologists will assist in the diagnostic method. After the diagnostic process, the data will be gathered and analyzed in the preliminary stage. The feedback will be sent to the participants. The participants will work with the practitioners collaboratively until the diagnosis and action plan are concluded. After the participant group implements the action plan in the actual working area, the result data will be gathered and


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