Cyp Core 3.3

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Cyp core 3.3 – Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.1.1 outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures with own UK home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people.
The current legislation, guidelines and policies and procedures state that children have the rights to protection from abuse also they have the right to express their view and to be listened to as well as the right to care and services for disabled children or children living away, although different British governments have said that it regards its self-bound by the convention and refers to it in child protection guidance. It has not become part of the uk law but there is no single piece of legislation
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In my work setting we have a safeguarding issue that states how to protect and keep children safe. we keep children safe by doing a register so that we know how many children are in the class in case of a fire , we also get parents to sign their child in and out as well as visitors ,also if a child is being abused this comes in to the safeguarding policy and child protection because every child has the right to be protected and kept safe and if a child was being abused and told me something I can’t say I will keep it a secret because every child matters so I would have to tell my manager and my manger would have a word with the child’s parent(s) and if I was to think my manager wasn’t doing enough as the safe guarding and child protection then I could take it higher that my manager.
2.2 Explain the importance of a child or young-person centred approach.The child centred approach promotes the right of the child to choose, make connections and communicate. It allows freedom for children to think, experience, explore, question and search for answers. It presents a creative celebration of children's work. I as a practitioner take on different roles everyday so that children have different experiences in different things such as role play this is changed often so that children can experience different ways of communicating and relate to real life situation and so that they can talk freely to myself and


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