Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

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Discuss Maslow’s hierarchy of need and suggest ways in which it might be useful when working with children and young people.
Maslow (1943) devised a pyramid of needs which has five levels, and are arranged in a hierarchy of how important they are for survival. These are, in order: physiological needs, safety and security needs, belongingness, love and social, esteem needs and self actualization. Self actualization is defined as “the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming” (Maslow, 1943, p.375). The first four stages make up maintenance needs, and the fifth stage is one’s need for growth. There are many ways in which the Hierarchy of Needs is useful when working with children and
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Schools can also meet the safety needs of the children by increasing student participation in anti-bullying schemes because a school that successfully tackles bullying will make those vulnerable children feel safer at school.
A final way in which Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy can help those working with children and young people, is in relation to handicapped children. Afroz, N and Mittra, R (2005) found that being blind affected the self-actualization of school children who are handicapped as they “were unable to reach the required level of self-actualization” (pp. 12). Afroz, N and Mittra, R (2005) suggest that this is because disabled persons are not able to participate in many activities including physical sports (affecting their physiological needs) and social and recreational activities (affecting their feeling of love and belonging). It is therefore important that those working with handicapped children to take certain steps to adapt the functioning of the child or young persons life to ensure they are able to stay physically and socially active, and can therefore go on to self actualize because all their lower needs will then be met.
Even though Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy is very helpful to those working with school pupils, it is also very helpful to parents with young children and babies as it applies to all ages. The basic needs of a child are food, water and sleep. Once these are met, safety needs are important. It is therefore important for parent


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