Sociology and Internet

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Due to the rapid advancement of the information technology, the World Wide Web (WWW) has now become a multifunctional tool. People can get lots of things done through the Internet, chatting with friends through MSN, shopping on, settling the credit card bill, making new friends through the Facebook, reading newspaper on, etc. Besides, when we want to search for information, we can simply “Google” it, and we get what we want. It is no doubt that the Internet has greatly sped up the flow of information.
In Hong Kong, the popularization of the Internet leads to the formation of different forums, for example,,, etc. The forums have provided a platform for people
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As a result, they will feel anxious and be under enormous pressure in their daily life.

Second, disclosure of other’s privacy will influence the value judgment of new generation on individual's privacy, particularly the moral standard. As there is no specified guideline to control the behavior of revealing privacy without consent on the Internet, the behavior is normalized gradually and soon becomes a trend. In other words, the netizens will become more and more irresponsible towards their offensive intrusion behavior. The moral standard of respecting other’s privacy and the importance of personal privacy will then be devalued. Furthermore, the value will then be passed to next generation and there will be recurrence of victims. It is a must to restrict people from disclosing other’s privacy on the Internet in order to protect the fundamental rights for privacy not being disclosed. It is important for people to develop a consciousness of respecting other’s rights, of not disclosing other’s information without consent. Without one’s permission, disclosing his/her privacy should be considered as violating the societal norms, even if the definition and boundary of norms are now getting more and more ambiguous, an people are paying less intention to the norms. As on the web, people are free to upload other’s information without any consequences. We will subconsciously become


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