Persuasive essay - Love

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Love is a beautiful thing. It makes people happy. It can change a person, and show someone things that they never knew about themselves. It lifts one up, knowing there is always someone who will stand by their side through anything. It brings people together, and makes the world a better place. Some people may disagree; they might think love is just a fantasy. Either way, it is a fantasy that everyone deserves to dream of and experience in all its glory, whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. However, not all people are so accepting of love when it is not in the form that they are familiar with, or is not demonstrated in ways that they think are proper. This can be easily seen in society’s treatment of non-heterosexuals, …show more content…

No one deserves to experience that kind of hatred, especially a child. In an article by Make Beats Not Beatdowns, a music-oriented organization dedicated to fighting bullying, it was reported that in the year 2007, almost 9 out of 10 LGBT teens were verbally harassed at school strictly because of their sexual orientation. About 44% of LGBT teens were physically harassed, and 22% were physically assaulted. The worst part is that two-thirds of these kids and teens never reported the incidents (“Bullying & Homosexuality”). Kids and teens often make fun of gays without even realizing the harsh degree of what they are saying or doing, and they do not understand how badly their words and actions can hurt. This is why almost a quarter of LGBT teens think about or even attempt suicide each year, a percentage four times higher than that of heterosexual teens. People should never feel the need to take their lives because other people do not approve of the people they love, but unfortunately, young gays feel this need on a regular basis.
Perhaps the reason young people are so inclined to be prejudiced towards gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people is because of the negative ideas that society gives them. For example, it is overwhelmingly common to hear someone refer to something bad or insulting as “gay.” “You’re not coming to the party tonight? That’s so gay.” Or “You’re in math


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