School Bullying in Vietnam

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One of the most serious educational issues which are concerned by public in recent years is school violence. Bullying is a typical type of that.It is not a new problem in the world today, especially in Vietnam this matter has long become a national serious issue, a burden for all the teachers and administrators across the country. According to the Dantri Internet, by the year 2011, phenomenon “school violence” became a hot issue in society (Nguyen 2011). In fact, there are so many recurring causes leading to eruption of school bullying. As a consequence, It brings many nagetive effects to chidren, not only child who is bullied but also bullies. However, it is not easy for school and society to evaluate and find out
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Impaired social skills will cause the victim to avoid normal school activities such as group projects and class presentations (2011). Some children will attempt to avoid attending class altogether, which leads to excessive absences and poor academic performance (Anderson 2011).
Johnson indicated that in some situations, victims of bullying begin to contemplate suicide. If they feel powerless for long enough, these individuals may feel that death is the only escape from their torture (n.d.) Another possible result of being bullied is that students may become violent, either at the same time of bulling or in their futures.The threat of physical pain may lead a bullied child to carry a weapon for protection (Hamel 2012). As a result, they are likely to realiate throught extremely violent measures.
The findings of DeVoe and Kaffenberger (2005)also suggested that students who are victims of bullying at school more often are victimized in other ways. When compared to nonbullied students, bullied students are more likely to fear attack at school, on the way to and from school, and away from school. Bullied students engage in a variety of avoidance behaviors and are more likely to be truant from school, classes, or extracurricular activities than their nonbullied peers (DeVoe and Kaffenberger 2005).

It may seem that the victims of bullying are only ones who are hurt by bullying, but


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