enabling learning and assessment

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Title Enabling learning and assessment Assessment is essential in teaching throughout any subject or course in practical and theory work. First initial assessment is used to ensure students are on the correct course. Once learning starts differentiated formative assessments are carried out throughout ending with summative assessment which usually warrants a grade or a pass. Due to the importance of assessment in teaching it helps to use VACSR to insure all elements are covered. VACSR are the initials for five elements of assessment. Starting with Validity which ensures the content of the course is covered. Petty states “validity of an assessment depends on whether it actually measures the knowledge or skills it is designed to …show more content…

The reliability could be questioned because I never made a marking criteria. There could be a number of reasons for a single defect and the grades of abrasive paper used can vary to suit individual styles of working. Different teachers assessing same activity could mark learners of the same ability differently without set criteria. It would help to carry out activity 2-3 times to build fair reliable criteria.

The first assessment I carried out was identification of body panels. This was an assignment for learner’s portfolios, so had to be carried out individually. An old car kept in the college workshop had numbers stuck on various panels around the car, such as door, wing and flitch panel. Each leaner had their own worksheet with a list of 12 named panels. Individually students had to write on worksheets the number that was placed on the appropriate car panel. I found this was a straight forward assessment which was easy to understand for learners. I checked their worksheets and if any answers were wrong I told them they should have another look around car to check answers. Some learners were frustrated, because it was a portfolio assessment I could not tell them which answers were incorrect. The worksheets were designed by the awarding body but the body panels to be identified were filled in by the teacher so


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