Week 8 Case Study: Database Development

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Week 8 Case Study: Database Development
Professor – Dr. Hossein Besharatian
CIS 512
September 14, 2013

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Abstract This paper defines the Software Development Life Cycle phases specifically the Waterfall method with a review of tasks to improve the quality of datasets throughout the cycle. It includes recommendations of actions to be performed for full optimization for enhancing performance from data quality assessment. Although full optimization may be reached throughout the process of SDLC, continued maintenance must be in sued to properly retain the database error-free and protected. An evaluation of three methods and activities to ensure maintenance
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Granular locking schemes enable locking pages, tables, rows, and cells. After reviewing “Process-centered Review of Object Oriented Software Development Methodologies,” the methodologies mentioned were outside of the scope of concurrency and lock granularity. However, there are two methods, high granularity approach and low granularity approach that will enable a distributed database with consistency. High granularity offers maximum concurrency although requires more overhead versus low granularity which offers minimum overhead although reduces concurrency. Additional overhead in the form of locking granularly at different object-oriented hierarchy levels helps create proactive concurrency control within the system. This provides additional security via the ability to control which users are modifying the database at the same time. (Ellis, R., n.d.).

System Analysis to Ensure Tractions do not Record-Level Lock Database in Operation In multiuser database transactions that are executing simultaneously must have consistent results, it is vital to have control over concurrency and consistency. To enable processes that provide this control a transaction isolation model named, serializability is available for use. This model gives the illusion that transactions execute one at a time. The multiversion consistency model provides multiple users with a separate view of the data concurrently, which prevents record-level locking from affecting the


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