Cttls Analyse Role of Initial Assesment

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Task 1

• Analyses the role of initial assessment in the learning and teaching process.

• Describe and Evaluate different methods of initial assessment for use with learners.

• Analyze ways in which sessions plans can be adapted to the individual needs of the learners.

• Identify and evaluate opportunities for learners to provide feedback to inform practice.

• Identify and liaise with appropriate and relevant parties to effectively meet the needs of the learners.

Analyze the role of initial assessment in the learning and teaching process.

The role of initial, assessment in the learning environment and teaching process is to identify different kinds of information from learners
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Ask opinions on a particular activity or sometimes give the learners the opportunity to choose which task they wish to do, this allows the teacher to see what the learners prefer and therefore enables the teacher to adapt future lessons. Daines states (2006:173) “ Keeping an observant eye on group progress as well as monitoring individuals at work means that a tutor can suggest, guide, show, confirm and or correct at a point when the whole group would benefit from a general piece of teaching, an announcement or impromptu demonstration.

Feedback is also attined formally in the form of a questionnaire/ survey at the end of the course. Often learners are pleased to have the opportunity to complete these as it gives them the chance to evalaute the course and express their views and feeling of the overall course. This information is usually completed anonymously and submitted during class time ensuring that time is given to complete this accurately and formative feedback. Reece states( 2006:414) “ Information about how well the course is going can be obtained from the results of student assessments, for instance if a large proportion of the students fail the end examination, then this is important information and questions will need to be asked as to why this has happened. This does not only have to be at the end of the course. If students do badly or well on your formative tests, then this is also useful information about