Unit 024 Promote Child And Young Person Development

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They should be carried out in a cycle. Observation is the practice of looking at and listening to children to find out how they are developing, what they like doing and what they are learning through their play and the experiences on offer.
Observations of children are vital because each child is unique in their abilities and observations can record these first hand. These observations will help practitioners guage childens needs in order to plan for next steps in their learning. Observations are done as part of the daily routine.

• Standard measurements
Standard measurements are those which compare outcomes between a large population of same aged children. For example, school tests which give a snapshot of a child’s academic ability. Another example are health programmes which might measure height, weight, visual or auditory functioning.
Educational psychologists may use reasoning tests to assess an intellectual age in order to compare to a child’s chronological age.

• Information from parent, carers, children and young people, other professionals and colleagues
. It is vital that parents and other practitioners share information as it has a direct impact on the child’s learning and development. They need to work together and value each other’s roles as each has an important part to play in meeting a childs individual needs. Throughout all this, the child should be the priority of the partnership.
We know that when parents and