Transition from Early Years

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This assignment is based upon my understanding of child development and children’s learning, considering the curriculum for the Early Years and the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage/Key Stage One. I propose to outline a rationale for effectively continuing children’s learning, from the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage into Year One and include strategies to support transitions, effective curriculum delivery and links between the EYFS and the National Curriculum. Throughout the assignment I will refer not only in general but also to how my research has help me as a practitioner help my setting to effectively continue children’s learning.

Looking at Government reports about transition from the Foundation Stage to Key
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Bayley and Featherstone conclude that everything we know about the brain is consistent with the guidance for the Foundation Stage. We must use that knowledge in Key Stage One and use it to shape how we teach rather than what we teach. There will also be children in Foundation Stage who by the end of the year are already accessing aspects of Year One curriculum. This is sometimes of particular significance for the summer-born Foundation Stage children, who may turn five right at the end of the Foundation Stage year therefore close liaison between staff regarding the academic and personal aspects of each child’s development is absolutely vital. The detailed knowledge that support staff have of the children as people and learners should be shared. Time and effort invested in this will help with differentiation, as well as children’s wellbeing, on entry into Year One.

As part of my research, I visited the Year One class teacher in our school to establish how she plans for the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage into Year One and to get her views about whether the transition process the school has in place is a ‘seamless journey’ or if there was more staff could do to improve this. One of the Year One teacher’s worries as I am sure is the same with most Year One teachers is the pressure she feels under to achieve outcomes to get children ready for Year Two


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