cultural diversity final paper

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The Discrimination of Nonnative Speakers in the Workplace
Melissa LeClaire
Chamberlain College of Nursing
SOCS-350N-21227: Cultural Diversity in the Professions
Fall Term September 2014
Latino, Woman and Accent Discrimination Maria, an employee of Latino decent feels she was unfairly eliminated for a promotion because of her distinct accent; she has filed a complaint alleging the company has engaged in discriminatory practices.
Maria is a good employee but is often loud and aggressive in her approach to co-workers and supervisors. The employee record shows there were problems with tardiness and attendance and twice supervisors for these infractions have counseled her. Maria has pointed out that she is the only
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The problem with article VII is the term, National Origin and its broad interpretation. The Supreme Court examined national origin in 1973 court case Espinoza vs Farah Manufacturing and found national origin “on its face refers to the country where a person was born, or more broadly, the country from which his or her ancestors came” (Texas Law Review, 20xx p.1497). Because this is still broad in its interpretation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defined national origin as “the denial of equal employment opportunity because of an individuals, or his or her ancestor’s place of origin” (Texas Law Review, 20xx, p. 1497). Clearly, there is a lot of debate and even more interpretation on what national origin means in the court of law, perhaps this needs a definite clarification to stop perceptions of what individuals think it means. Attorneys are word wizards and if there is not a clear definition of what these two words means they will twist, turn and manipulate them, which in


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