Personal Criminological Theory Paper

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Personal Criminological Theory Paper
Criminological Theory
3 February 2012
Personal Criminological Theory Paper
Through out the years Criminologists has conducted a great amount of research and through that research Criminologist has developed different theories in order to better understand and explain criminal behavior. Theories try to help make sense out of many observations that are conducted presenting the facts of the principal that connects and explains the theories. If good theory has been developed; then it becomes very valuable to Criminologist, because it shows the knowledge that is beyond the facts that has been presented; which will show Criminologist how to predict how others might behave (Andrews, D and
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Research in criminology is conducted for the purpose of understanding criminal behavior. If we can understand the behavior, we will have a better chance of predicting when it will occur and then be able to take steps to control, eliminate or prevent the behavior. Good research has a specific question and seeks to assess factual evidence before coming to conclusions. In order to achieve these aims, it is necessary to have sound research procedures and the ability to accurately analyze the material (Scully, 2012). This may sometimes be mainly an area of factual ignorance; therefore research is conducted to fill in the gap in our understanding . There are numerous scientific methods that can be applied to hypotheses about crime or criminal behavior. Criminological research has four main methods, namely field work, surveys, documentary research and experiments. Field work, as the name implies is conducted in the real world; where the researcher spends lengthy periods of time with the group being studied. Field work has an advantage over research conducted in a laboratory setting in that, results from field work, being conducted in the real world, if valid can be applied in other similar situations. This may not be the case for laboratory experiments. However, research conducted in a laboratory setting has the advantage of being able to more closely control variables. Field experiments have played a central role in the evaluation of policies of crime control,


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