Homosexuality in Ha Jin's the Bridegroom

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History of Homosexuality in Society
Throughout the course of history, the topic of homosexuality and its acceptable behavior has been one of varying opinions and much heated debate. Although how tolerated homosexual behavior was all through history can differ depending on who your source is, most everyone can agree that a few large cultures were either strongly for, or against, homosexuality.
One key player in the fight against homosexuality was the all-powerful England. The first English civil law against sodomy was passed by Parliament in 1533. "In Act - 25 Henry 8, Chapter 6 which begins "Forasmuch as there is not yet sufficient and condign punishment appointed and limited by the due course of the Laws of this Realm, for the
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"The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology (BSSSP), of which Edward Carpenter was the first president, was formed in 1914." (www.college.hmco.com) This organization had as its aim public sex education as a means by which reformation of homosexual law could be achieved. While the BSSSP was enthusiastic and well-intentioned, legal reform for homosexuals ineluctably faded into the background, as more pressing matters, such as issues of war, took the main focus of the group. In more recent years a number of jurisdictions have relaxed or eliminated laws curbing same-gender sex, including sodomy laws and laws preventing gay citizens from serving in their country's armed forces, and some states and localities have passed laws protecting those who commit any type of homosexual acts. And finally, on June 26, 2003, an end was made to the trend that claimed homosexual acts as punishable by law.

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The U.S. Supreme Court overturned all sodomy laws in the United States during the case of Lawrence vs. Texas. (www.answers.com)
Although things do appear to be looking up for those who choose alternative lifestyles, when looking into the past homosexual history is one of abuse, prejudice, pain,