Leadership Challenges of 21st Century

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Leadership: A Glance into Challenges for 21st Century Leader

Leaders have always been our source of inspiration, passion and motivation to make us believe, try and achieve things that we may not have envisioned to achieve. However, with the growing complexities, rate at which changes are occurring and other dynamics of the corporate world, the leaders and leadership is being tested more than ever before. It seems that the old leadership styles and fundamentals are not effective anymore or, may be, have lost their relevance completely.
This paper tries to look into the need of the contemporary business scenario and to understand the aspects that a leader must focus in order to defy the challenges in front of them. The
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It is vital to see the complexity and pace at which these changes are happening. The key is not in how they might be avoided, but what we must do to adapt fast and keep up the pace. And therefore, the demands on leadership capabilities are being tested today more than ever as they position their organizations to meet the fast moving demands of the 21st century.
This complex world demands new leadership beliefs and behaviors - not just from single CEO leaders, or even the whole top team - but from leaders distributed throughout the organization, leaders who can motivate, empower, articulate and innovate.

The Leadership Challenges:
Maybe the traditional leadership no longer operates effectively given the new business challenges where obsolete leadership models are less effective in dealing with current issues and need to be completely redefined. In 21st century, there is a profound shift from the mechanist view of organization to living organic organization. Now the organization is not merely a structure consisting of parts that need to be ‘oiled’ if order to function together smoothly. Instead, organizations are now living organisms that require effortful monitoring, coordination and direction by someone, typically a ‘leader’.
The pressure is now on to find answers to the question: ‘What Leadership Challenges we have in the 21st century? To answer this and other questions, let us try to uncover the main challenges and daily


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