Worst Leadership

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Assignment # 1

Worst leadership experience

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During a retailing course while I was studying bachelors, we were supposed to do a project on selling; the basic idea of the project was to sell products to a target group which was limited to college students who usually were from the age group of 18-25, the skills and strategies that were being taught on selling were to be implemented to gain customers from the target group within a limited budget and a competitive profit was to be generated.
We were divided into group consisting of 5 members (3 male 2 females), I was not elected as the leader
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Even though the cost of each t-shirt had now increased we could not increase the price the second day as we promised to offer shirts at low price, there were more orders for t-shirts now and it seemed hard to deliver previous orders on the delivery time promised. Eventually Third day because the cost of t-shirts had increased we doubled the price for each t-shirt and sketches to overcome the loss made in t-shirts, which resulted in fewer orders and the target was not achieved. The existing customers were expecting their orders to be delivered which was not possible yet. Fourth day we did not receive any order for t-shirts neither for the sketch. The first delivery of few shirts was made but customers didn’t seem satisfied. Sales were low towards last two days and we delivered the shirts ordered in the first three days.
We only received orders for t-shirts and sketches during the first three days of the project, but because of only having one supplier for the production of t-shirts we could not keep the promise for a quick delivery. Even though we consulted the other supplier the issue was not resolved because that made it necessary to increase the price, which followed to losing customers. We could not prove to be the most efficient in sales and operations and the project turned out to be a failure.
The group members were not well satisfied with the project because the goal or the target that we


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