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MNGT 5590
Integrative Paper: Comparing and contrasting the concepts of IKM and Kotter

1. Stage one: Establishing a Sense of Urgency in our fast paced world, things and environments change rapidly. In order to meet the needs and demands of an ever changing marketplace, organizations also need to change and adapt very quickly. With success hinging on the ability of the institution to analyze, predict and adjust in order to meet the market demands and successfully cope with rapidity of change (IKM, pg 7) "establishing a sense of urgency" as explained by Kotter would be critical (Leading Change, pg 35). To influence anyone or any organization to move towards any type of behavior requires the three critical factors of direction,
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Both texts describe successful team building exercises with Kotter understanding the need for organized, useful activities in light of the fact that the day of "family-oriented social activities" which "developed relationships based on mutual understanding and trust" (Leading Change, pg 62) has probably come and gone with the advent of the two income family. While Kotter discusses the successful efforts of Sam Johnson and the ten members of this change coalition (Leading Change, pg 63) IKM uses the example of Seagate's team building exercise (Pg 498). While this example isn't relevant in regards to team building of a change coalition Nevertheless hard to believe Kotter would feel this extravagance would be considered useful considering only 200 of the 45,000 employed by Seagate are involved and the cost of $ 9,000 per person and could have opposite the intended effect.

3. Stage three: Developing a Vision and Strategy
Vision, bringing to mind "something grand or mystical" in its most effective form according to Kotter is rather simple and often mundane (Leading Change, pg 71). The need for simplicity was validated when Taco Bell, through surveys, found their customers actually desired the basics of cleanliness, fast service and hot, good tasting food. By keeping it simple and following the desires of their customers, Taco Bell developed its vision, reinvented itself and has become an industry leader (IKM, pg 494).


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