Samsung Case Study

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1. Identify and discuss the core marketing concepts that Samsung has adopted to shift its competitive edge.

✓ Need, Wants, and Demands

Samsung always try to develop products that fit their customers’ lifestyle by studying their tastes. Samsung focus finding out what’s likely to sell before consumers even know they want it.

✓ Target Market, Positioning, and Segmentation

Samsung focus on design, as they want to be the Marcedes of home electronics. Samsung concentrate less on cost saving and more on coming up with unique products.

✓ Offering and Brands

Electronics, Good Design, Unique, Affordable Price

✓ Value and Satisfaction

Samsung is very committed to research as they listen to the feedback on their new
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And by look at the current situation between Samsung and Sony, it’s very realistic to expect Samsung to compete with – or even beat Sony.

5. Make recommendations for how Samsung can further improve its marketing strategy.

✓ Innovation

Samsung should try to make more breakthrough product that no other company has never produce just like Sony with its “Walk Man”. It can learn from 3M, the company that has produce many innovative products through its 15 Percent and 30 Percent rule.

✓ Deliver total solutions

Samsung has experience with MP3 players that rolled out its first players two years before Apple did, but beaten by Apple which gives ultimate player – the iPod plus iTunes software and website. Samsung should learn from Apple on how to deliver total solutions, which will serve the customer better and make the customer feel exclusive.

✓ Focus on what it’s best

Too broad is difficult to be No.1. Samsung should do some product selection and concentration, so that it can make the best product. Jack Welch in GE did Restructuring and Downsizing can be a good example on how to do it.

✓ Put an identity/signature in their design

Again, Samsung should learn from Apple. It is good to make innovative and unique products, but adding identity/signature will be great. With an identity/signature, people will easily recognize Samsung’s product only by seeing it, which will effect to the increase in its


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