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Services Marketing In the course of a single day, a busy young woman makes use of a wide array of service…

Susan Munro, a final-year business student, had worked late the night before on a big paper and overslept the following morning in the apartment she shared with three other students. Her roommates, who had early classes, had already left when she got up. After showering, she dressed hurriedly, then made a quick cup of coffee. But she skipped her usual bowl of cereal, figuring she could pick up a bagel at school. Noticing that the weather outside looked ominous; she clicked onto the Internet to check the local
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There was also a postcard from her optometrist, reminding her that it was time for her to schedule a new eye exam. Susan made a mental note to call for an appointment, anticipating that she might need a prescribed prescription for her contact lenses. She was about to discard the junk mail when n she noticed a flyer promoting a new dry-cleaning store and including a coupon for a discount. She decided to try the new firm and pocketed the coupon. Since it was her turn to cook dinner, she wandered into the kitchen, turned on the light, and started looking in the refrigerator and then the cupboards to see what was available. Susan sighed – there wasn’t much in there. Maybe she would make a salad and call for home delivery of a large pizza.

STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Identify each of the services that Susan Munro has used or is planning to use. Categorize them according to the nature of the underlying process. 2. What needs is she attempting to satisfy in each instance? 3. What proportion of these services: (a) involve self-service, (b) some degree of customer involvement with the production process, and/or (c) dependence on the service provider? Where do you see more potential for self-service and what would be the implications for customer and supplier? 4. What similarities and differences are there between the dry-cleaning store and


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