Swot Analysis of Delta Airlines

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SWOT analysis Strength 1. Innovation: * “Track check bags” 2. Market share leadership 3. Strong management team 4. Strong brand equity 5. Flights are usually on time 6. The merger and acquisition | Weakness * The number of cancelling flights is a little high * The customer service is bad because in some occasion the customer can’t found the delta representative in the airport. * Lack of online presence * In some aircrafts the seats are uncomfortable and narrow | Opportunities * Emerging markets and expansion abroad * Product and services expansion * Development of new technologies and the web | Threats * Competition * Economic slowdown and crises * External changes * Lower cost …show more content…

Emerging market and expansion aboard : * This situation leads Delta to increase its market share * The company preview to include flights to Romania, Dubai and other countries. * From this expansion the company’s revenues increase by 20ù 2. Product and service expansion * Sky-bonus is a service designed for company to collect points and become member in delta sky club. * There is also the award business Elite service, sky Mile and many other services. 3. Development of new technologies * Technologies nowadays is growing faster so delta should be aware of this situation and try to search and innovate some technologies which can help the customer and offer to him a high level of satisfaction. Threats 1. Competition * local competitors like southwest airline, US airways 2. Economic slowdown and crises * Can decrease the number of customers, thus the revenues of Delta will decrease also. * Especially the European crises which affects many businessmen and leads to their bankruptcy 3. External changes * For example the taxation, political situations, wars. 4. Lower cost competitors * This situation can affects badly company especially they use lower cost and lower service to offer to their customer cheaper tickets for their flights 5. Price


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