Working in Partnership in health and social care

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Learning Outcomes Assessment requirements To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to:
LO1 Understand partnership philosophies and relationships in health and social care services 1.1 Explain the philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care 1.2 Evaluate partnership relationships within health and social care services
LO2 Understand how to promote positive partnership working with users of services, professionals and organisations in health and social care services 2.1 Analyse models of partnership working across the health and social care sector 2.2 Review current legislation and organisational practices and policies for partnership working in health and social care 2.3 Explain
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The Mental Capacity Act works in conjunction with the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards to ensure that vulnerable adults are not a danger to themselves or others.

Different policies and government white papers had highlighted the need for collaborative working among Health and Social care providers. Such policies like SOVA (Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults), No Secrets Guidance, Every Child Matters, Laming reports and Putting People First and so on, mandates Healthcare Providers to safeguard vulnerable individuals in their care from harm and abuse. In the Government Response to the Stafford Hospital Scandal ‘‘Patients First and Foremost’, the NHS affirmed their commitment to a better care: “Whether in a care home, at the family doctor, in a community pharmacy, in mental health services, or with personal care in vulnerable people’s homes, we will ensure that the fundamental standards of care, that people have a right to expect are met consistently, whatever the settings”.


In view of the above issues in the Health and Social Care Sector, you are required to write a REPORT based on the instructions below to convey your knowledge, understanding of collaborative working and good practice as well as make relevant recommendations for improvement. Your report should be in three sections meeting all the assessment requirements. You are required to


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