Diversity Reflection

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Diversity Reflection


The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the diverse experiences that I have had in my personal and professional life. Fortunately, I have had a large mix of diverse friends and experiences in my life. This paper will discuss those diversities as well as the plan to expand on my current knowledge.

Keywords: Diversity, culture, differences

Growing up I always had the opportunity to interact with diverse groups. My father is a retired master sergeant of the United States Army. He is African-American and was born and raised Baptist in Kentucky. He married my mother who is South Korean and Buddhist. I spent the first three years of my life living in South Korea where my father was stationed. We
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Learning more and more about diversity enables you to speak against bias and prejudice. As a minority, I must use my knowledge to stand up against any bias or prejudice I might come across. They may not have had the same experiences that I have and therefore have developed their own ideas that would cause them to think prejudicially. A little conflict never hurt anyone and I am someone that will always stand my ground.
For example, if the head of my organization or work unit ever said that the next open position would be reserved for someone who is: gay/lesbian/bisexual, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, or someone with a disability, I would have to have question their reasoning. The position should be held for the best-qualified person for the job regardless of race, sexual orientation, disability, or any other factor not related to the job. The head of my organization should be more educated on such a decision but if he is not, then it is my responsibility in HR to deliver that information.
In order to expand my diversity understanding and behavior I have developed an action plan to carry out. First, I will identify at least three local groups that promote diversity. Once I have identified these groups, I will attend at least three functions. For each function that I attend, I will bring at least three friends or coworkers with me. Second, I will become a member of a group that promotes


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