Employment Law Paper

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Employment Law Paper
Tonya J. Sevion
BUS / 415 Business Law
University of Phoenix
Dr. Deborah Alsup, Instructor
April 1, 2008

Employment Law Paper

The Civil Rights Act enacted in 1964 (Title VII) was initiated to prohibit employment discrimination regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. In the early 1990’s employment discrimination legislation passed two major Acts. The 1991 Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act. These amendments were to strengthen, as well as, improve Federal civil rights laws; to provide damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination, and to clarify provisions regarding disparate impact actions. While working at Muncie Federal Bank, as Teller in 1990, I was
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The thought that advancement opportunities will not be available or considered also frightened me. These were the people responsible for making such decisions at their discretion. Under the Union standard the company would have been bound by contract to acknowledge my complaint and take further action. At least I would have been provided some tools for leverage in the playing field. Upper Management could not have made any unethical decisions or unilateral changes to my contract without a grievance procedure and binding arbitration (UAW).
The LMRDA could have investigated my claims and determined whether my rights were violated. They are authorized to enter the Workplace and inspect the conditions or records.
Subpoenas could have been issued to question Angel about her accounts if necessary. Civil actions could have been file in federal district court if the unfair practices continued. The violation would have to be corrected and brought into compliance with the LMRDA. Looking back I realize how uninformed I was. There were several processes that justice could have been obtained. The grievance process is utilized to make a formal complaint in writing, against an authority figure. The Supervisor and CEO should have received a grievance complaint. If the grievance did not resolve the matter, arbitration or legal remedies could have been pursued. This process would have protected me from retaliation and the loss of my job because


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