Community Population Study

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For this essay, the chosen population are wards within the Tonbridge and Malling area. Tonbridge and Malling borough has a population of 117,1001 in an area of 24,013 hectares, and is divided into 26 electoral wards. According to the Tonbridge and Malling Local Authority Health Inequalities Profile April 2010 Tonbridge and Malling is an affluent borough that contains small pockets of deprivation, it has one of the widest gaps in life expectancy in Kent between the richest and poorest wards. The gap in life expectancy between the wards with the highest and lowest wards is of 8.7 years which is one of the widest gaps in Kent. Only 1400 people live in the most deprived national quintile. For this
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'It informs, educates and (hopefully) supports service providers and consumers in developing or sustaining services. Health needs assessment should thus be considered as an on-going, cyclical process'.
It is important to be clear about whose needs are the focus of the health needs assessment. Ultimately, needs assessment should focus on the needs of the target population rather than on the needs of service providers. Nevertheless, service providers have a significant contribution to make to the process.
Policy objective A of the Marmot review 2010, Fair society Healthy lives. Is to give every child the best start in life. The review goes on to express that by giving every child the best start in life would be crucial in reducing health inequalities across the life course. The foundations for virtually every aspect of human development – physical, intellectual and emotional – are laid in early childhood. What happens during these early years (starting in the womb) has lifelong effects on many aspects of health and well-being– from obesity, heart disease and mental health, to educational achievement and economic status.
According to the kent and Medway Public health observatory,
“Determining where the major health inequalities exist within an area depends on the demographics, availability of data and identifying suitable measures.”
The DOH states


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