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The ENTJ Report My personality type is ENTJ. Each letter has its own characteristic within my personality type. The E stands for Extraversion, N for Intuition, T for Thinking, and J for Judging. People with ENTJ personality types are natural born leaders. They like to take charge and direct people whenever they can. They’re self confident and career focused so they naturally fit in with the corporate world. Their strengths include being highly self confident, strategic thinkers, energetic, very efficient, strong willed and having excellent verbal communication skills. Some of an ENTJ’s weaknesses are impatience, poor handling of their own and other people’s emotions, intolerance, and stubbornness. Interestingly I found that Bill Gates, …show more content…

For these reasons they are natural corporate leaders. With that in mind possible career choices for an ENTJ include Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Computer Consultant, Lawyer, Business or Engineering Administrator and Manager. The career that I would have in mind for myself would be an Engineering Manager. I’ve always had a big interest in engineering. Ever since I was a kid I loved to construct and work on things. I’d build multiple tree houses with my siblings when I was younger and I work on the dirt bikes that I ride currently and since I like to take charge and direct people that would be an excellent career choice for me. Engineering Managers make an average of $59.93/hour in the US. They also receive great benefits which vary by employer. Engineering Managers usually receive health insurance, vacation days, and retirement benefits. Some also receive expense accounts, bonuses, and stock option plans. Basically what an Engineering Manager does is use advanced technical skills to oversee many types of projects. Projects may include building a new highway, designing a production line, or installing a water system. They also may look over the planning and building of new factories and plants and oversee the design of new products. Sometimes they even improve the way products are made. Engineering managers establish policies and work procedures to meet the goals that they set out. To become an Engineering Manager you need at


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