Why Guns Should Be Banned

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1. Banning guns

Owning a gun is legal in the USA. Actually, it’s the second amendment. The USA has the highest civilian gun ownership rate in the world. US civilians own about 270 million guns, compared to about 3 million guns owned by the military and less than 1 million guns owned by the police, also in the USA. In 2009, gun deaths actually outraced motor vehicle deaths in 10 US states. The 20% of gun owners possess 60% of all guns in the USA.
Gun violence and gun control have been in the news a lot lately. This is because of the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot twenty children, six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his mother at their home. Later on
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The strongest argument is that there would be less murdering if the guns were to be banned. Somehow, it makes people feel safe if they own a gun. A lot of people argue that with the gun they are able to protect their family better if there were to be an intruder. I think that this is true, but I wonder how many times in your life you would have to grab the gun. Besides the fact that it is wasted money, it is also very dangerous to keep around children. I’ve heard that Adam Lanza’s mother didn’t keep her gun locked up. If she would’ve locked it up safely, she and the Sandy Hook Elementary School kids and staff wouldn’t be murdered.
Make gun owning and gun trafficking a felony, is my proposal. Like I’ve mentioned before, during the gun ban, that lasted 10 years, there were less mass shootings. I’m not saying this would prevent all shootings from happening, but it would be a step in the right direction.
Another option for Congress is creating better mental health system. This would be likely to reduce the amount and frequency of these tragic events. Most of the mass shootings are done by young men who are mentally ill or are struggling with themselves.

To conclude, guns are meant for killing, not for recreation. No matter what light you try to put it in, there is no reason to continue to fight evil with more evil. Guns need to be abolished, and peace promoted.
Guns are not a necessity for defense because there are non-violent, yet powerful,


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