Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting

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Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting
Sherry LaFace
COM 220: Research Writing
January 23, 2010
Erin Fagan

Dog fighting is a very cruel thing, and it is happening right under our noses. It is illegal to fight a dog in all fifty states. By being an observer at a dog fight, it is against the law in forty-seven states. So why do people continue this cruel practice? The answer seems to be money. Some people who breed dogs for fighting can sell their puppies for up to two thousand dollars. Even though fighting dogs is making money, it is cruel since pain is inflicted on the dogs; the ASPCA and the Humane Society are trying to prevent this with proper training. Some people might ask, “What is dog fighting?” The definition of dog
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Because of the severity of the dog fighting, some of the dogs that have been rescued from the fighting can be retrained to live a normal life with a loving family. But sadly there are many of the dogs that are recovered that have to be euthanized. There is no way that some of these dogs can be retrained because of the inhumane way they were treated; they cannot be near other dogs or even small children. Some statistics show that an estimated eighty-thousand dogs are euthanized per month and that only about two hundred and fifty dogs can be rehabilitated and can be adopted into a loving family.

Education on the cruelty of dog fighting is a never ending battle. Chicago 2006 the Humane Society launched a program to stop street dog fighting, it is called “End Dog Fighting in Chicago.” This program uses ground-breaking methods to change attitudes and actions of the people. The Humane Society employs young men from the community to combat dog fighting. In the communities that are the most impacted by this crime, employees of the Humane Society will mediate with community members at risk of getting involved in dog fighting. Because they are respected in their communities, these men can reach people that others cannot. The Humane Society has community programs that promote an anti-dogfighting message and also increase a trust within the


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