National Security Outline

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CHAPTER 1: National Security Law and the Role of Tipson 1
CHAPTER 2: Theoretical approaches to national security & world order 4
CHAPTER 3: Development of the International Law of Conflict Management 5
CHAPTER 4: The Use of Force in International Relations: Norms Concerning the Initiation of Coercion (JNM) 7
CHAPTER 5: Institutional Modes of Conflict Management 17
The United Nations System 17
Proposals for Strengthening Management Institutional Modes of Conduct 23
CHAPTER 6: The Laws of War and Neutrality 24
CHAPTER 7: War Crimes and Nuremberg Principle 28
CHAPTER 12: Nuclear Weapons: Deployment, Targeting and Deterrence 33
CHAPTER 13: Arms Control in the Nuclear Age 36
Chapter 14:
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-Policies to improve national security should be treated with skepticism
-Differences arise when considering the rationality, proportionality, necessity, and compatibility of a policy -Difficult to implement a comprehensive, coordinated set of security policies
-See chart on page 22-23 to see a general outline of all of the issues that must be considered when setting a comprehensive security policy

Security Decisions: The Nature and Role of Law

-Law as a Process of Collective Choices -Authoritative and Controlling
-Very theoretical discussion on why we have laws - says laws are only laws when they control behavior, laws must change as what is acceptable behavior changes -Constitutional and Instrumental -Law plays two different roles
-Constitutional - defines institutions, procedures, and guidelines to make decisions in society -Institutional - shape public order in society

-International Law -Legalism


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