Crime Typologies

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The objective of this paper is to recognize the different types of Crime Typologies such as violent crime, property crime, enterprise crime, and public order crime. It examines each crime by giving the definitive analysis of the crimes as well as the many examples that fall under the specific crimes. This paper aims to answer some of the questions most criminologists face as well as our society as a whole. Questions such as, how often are these crimes committed? What possesses individuals to commit these crimes? How does society actually view these crimes? Have these crimes become so imbedded in our society that we are starting to consider this part of the normal way of life? Included in this
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In 2009, the UCR reported that an estimated 9,320,971 of property crimes were reported. The two year trend also showed that property crime decreased by 4.6 percent in 2009 compared to 2008. The data also showed an 8.4 percent drop in property crime since 2005 (UCR 2009). A wide variety of property crimes include a degree of criminal intent, specifically the intent to deprive. The punishment varies with the severity of the offense, including the value of the property, entry of premises, the type of premises, and the use and degree of force. . Particularly difficult to define are thefts of newly developed forms of property such as bank accounts, computer data, identity, or other similar intangible forms of property (Gale, 2002) There are many theories as to why people commit property crime. The theory of rational choice consists of man being able to make his own, rational choice and acting upon it, whether he knows the consequences or not. Most crimes are committed as a result of one’s rational choice, meaning that they are aware of their crime. The theory of routine activity in regards to crime means that a person commits a crime based on the opportunities available. This theory accepts the fact that certain levels of crime are normal, and that people will commit various crimes if they are able to get away with it. These types of crimes are usually misdemeanors, and consist of things like petty theft that tend to go


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