Pre-School Tips on Classroom Management

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It may be your job to introduce the students to concepts such as working in groups, being respectful while others are talking, and managing simple self-help skills such as hand washing and cleaning up after themselves. In order to make the children's introduction to school a positive one, you will need some basic classroom management skills and the ability to be flexible.
Know that what works for one teacher will not always work for you. Try several different methods for lesson planning, behavior management and classroom communication before deciding what works best for you and your students. Be sure to bookmark this guide as it will be updated as more articles are added. * slide 2 of 3
Tips for Preschool Classroom Management
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You may be amazed by the difference a catchy tune can make.
Behavior Management with a Peace Table
This unconventional yet thoughtful approach to pre-k discipline is explained and outlined in great detail. A peace table is a place for children to sit quietly and reflect on their behavior or transgressions as well as a safe place for discussion between students. Implementing a peace table in your classroom will introduce students to the concept of effective communication as well as provide a quiet place for reflection. Try this technique in your classroom. You may be amazed by the results.
Positive Behavior Notes
Why do teachers only send notes home when a child's behavior has been unsavory or difficult? Buck the trend and start sending home notes for good behavior. Parents will appreciate receiving notes they can hang on the refrigerator, and children will see the value in their good decisions when they are praised for behaving well.
Classroom Behavior Charts
While behavior charts may seem like a good and easy way to keep track of student behaviors, they may not be the best method for this. You will learn the appropriate way to use behavior charts if you choose to do so as well as some alternatives to keeping behavior charts in your classroom. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the method that aligns with your teaching style.
How to Handle A Difficult Student
Got a Disruptive Dan or a Negative Nelly in


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