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Quiz # 2 on lectures 3, 4, and including Chapter 2
1. Difference occurs in the sequence of long chain molecules and becomes information in biological organisms. ‘Life’ assembles itself into chains:
(A) of RNA
(B) all of the answers are correct
(C) of DNA
(D) of protein
(E) none of these answers are correct
2. Which of the following foods is not a significant source of complex carbohydrates?
(A) fresh fruit
(B) rice
(C) pasta
(D) oatmeal
(E) all of the above are significant sources of complex carbohydrates
3. The order that best represents size from the smallest to the largest biological entities is:
(A) all answers are correct
(B) Ribosomes-Mitochondria-Nuclei-Cells-Tissues
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A Pipetman is:
(A) the new biomedical device made by tissue engineeringand now used to treat the damaged blood vessels of heart attack victims
(B) a radical group of bioengineered superheroes inthe Hollywood movie GATTACCA
(C) a molecular biology tool used in the lab to measuresmall volumes of liquid common in biotechnology
(D) a new type of bio-engineered crop plants that are drought tolerant
(E) a new surgical tool used in to extract cancer cells

21. An ultracentrifuge consists of a rotor that spins tubes containing materials and is:
(A) a component on a new type of microscope to allow cell components to be easily visualized
(B) the laboratory tool developed by Robert Hooke in the 1660s that he used to discover cells
(C) a tool used by cell biologists for separating and comparing cell components based on size and density
(D) a component on the recent Rover Mars mission used to look for life on other planets
(E) used only to enrich uranium for nuclear warheads 22. Cloning a gene:
(A) is a method that has been banned in Europe but widely used in the US
(B) is a method used to copy a specific segment of DNA
(C) is a method used to reproduce an entire new organism from a donor cell
(D) is a science fiction idea that has not yet been accomplished or proven
(E) is a good idea in theory, but has not yet been accomplished
23. The