Our Hearts Fell to the Ground

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Our Hearts Fell to the Ground Questions The history of the Plains Indians and the American West is very interesting. The book Our Hearts Fell to the Ground by Colin G. Calloway really goes in depth on how life was for the Native American people, as well as the progression of the American West. I really felt that the book was a good source of information on the lives of the Native Americans and had an excellent outlook on how they lived their everyday lives. This book possesses many illustrations and documents that have their advantages and disadvantages. It also touches on the subject of how White soldiers really took over the Native American land and why this time was considered “a world in flux.” On pages thirty- three through …show more content…
Although they were trading and advancing their ways of communication, some of the trades should not have been pushed for. I felt that overall this was a negative occurrence more than a positive one. Another disadvantage of the illustrations that are given to us in the book is the validity of the pictures. In many other types of History we know when exactly many events occurred. For example, we know that on September 17, 1787 the Constitution was adopted. In a lot of Native American history we do not have the exact date of many events that took place. The inaccuracy of their history is a major disadvantage for themselves as well as those that want to learn more about the Native American ethnic background. These were only a few of the advantages and disadvantages that were shown in this book and there are many more that go into even more depth.
The definition of “a world in flux” could pertain to many things. In this essay, it pertains to the time period of the Native Americans in the early nineteenth century. I personally interpret the saying “a world of flux” into a world of disarray. Not very many things were going good for the Native Americans in that time period.
During this period in time the American Colonists were ravaging the Native American crops and villages in hopes that they would surrender their land. They did everything in their power to rid the land of Indians by not only destroying their crops, but by killing herds of buffalo as well. To


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