Whole Foods Job Structure

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Whole Foods Job Structure

Evaluation of Jobs and Job Structure at Whole Foods
When beginning the evaluation process for Whole Foods it becomes essential to first look into the culture of Whole Foods. Whole Foods breaks down the store operations into “teams” and these teams are grouped by which departments the team members work. These teams aren’t just a result of the departments that exist within all retail markets, rather each team member is responsible for ensuring that the operation of the team runs smoothly and is profitable to not only the team but also the store, the organization, and the community it operates within. Each team functions on its own and as a part of the bigger team, which is the store.
At the store level Whole
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An Egalitarian structure best describes the compensation structure used within Whole Foods. The Egalitarian structure has fewer levels (teams), and a smaller pay differential which is based upon the team member’s job or role within the team (both department and store level). This system allows for more flexible team members so that crossing over to other teams is easily accommodated and cross training exists, teams and team members work together easier, knowledge is shared across the team and store, and finally teams work together better with less friction (Simmering, n.d.).
Evaluation of Job Descriptions
The key factors that led to the earlier determination of the job titles are as follow: 1. Job A – Prepared Foods Team Member, Customer Service Clerk: the cues indicate an entry level position on the team but with some Whole Food knowledge. a. Provide excellent customer service and can communicate quality goals to the customer. b. Prepare food items, items on the sanitation assignment list. c. Stock and rotate products. d. Answer phone and pages to the department. e. Some deli experience. f. Enjoys working and mentoring people. g. Ability to learn proper use of knives, slicer and other equipment. h. Knowledge of all relevant Whole Foods Market policies and standards.

2. Job B – Customer Service Team Member, Cashier: the cues indicate that though this is a customer service team member the


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