Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human Resources

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Whole Foods Market
Comprehensive Plan to Improve the Quality of Selected Human Resource Management Practices

Table of Contents Whole Foods Market: Introduction 4 Whole Foods Market: The Organization 4 Whole Foods Market: Challenges and Opportunities 5 Whole Foods Market: Human Resource Management Strategies 6 Whole Foods Market: Recommended Strategies for Improvement 8 Whole Foods Market: Plan Evaluation and Measurements 10 Whole Foods Market: Conclusion 10 References 11

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Whole Foods Market: Introduction Whole Foods Market- a company that doesn’t think of itself as a company, but as a community
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According to Rose and Kumar (2006) it is important that organizations utilize HRM practices that make best use of its employees, and that is just what Whole Foods Market has done. For example, at Whole Foods, the basic organizational unit isn’t the store but small teams that manage departments such as fresh produce, prepared foods, and seafood. Teams are consulted on all store-level decisions and they have been given a degree of independence that is very unique in the industry (Whole Foods Market, n.d). According to Hamel (2006), each team makes decisions concerning stock, and new hires. Bonuses are paid to the teams, not to individuals. Members have access to comprehensive fiscal information, including the details of every coworker’s wage. Whole Foods Market has been very successful with their ability to recruit and retain good employees. The recruiting process is exceptionally unique. According to Whole Foods Market (n.d), applicants are generally screened by store management or by a human resources person through a preliminary interview. Once the individual is screened for overall job skills and qualifications, the application is referred to the appropriate department managers for a final interview. The final interview process may be conducted by a team or panel depending on the position. Team member’s partaking in group interviews is one way the company puts its culture of


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