Food Web Case Study

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Option 1: Food Webs Case Study

Explain the theory in your own words based on the case study and suggested readings.

A food web is a type of graph that depicts the relationship between the prey and the predators, also known as a system of food chains and how one another are related. This can be better explained as a connection in a community. Food webs are important because it is a direct illustration of the relationships among certain species within a certain community. Right away the graph will reveal the type of species, what they interact with, the structure in which the environment they are located, and show the relations between each species. Because it is called a food web, the name has already shown that the relationship
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Boxicity Tropic Status Trophic levels depict how the producers, carnivores, and the herbivore have similar yet different types of feeding positions. The First level consist of the plants, the second level consist of the herbivores, carnivores are definitely in the third level and sometimes the fourth. When one species or organism is located in the food web, they are ultimately participating in food transfers. Which is food chain going from species to species, or organism to organism.
Rose Plant > Aphids > Beetle > Chameleon > Hawk (, 2014). The example listed here is a great example to use because it shows one organism eating another.
Real Life Applications
• Animals that fertilize the grass.
• Grass that uses sunlight to grow
• Animals that eat grass, and in turn produce milk, meat, or their fur coat.
• I use myself for my last example. I am a human being, located within my own food web. I eat food that come animals. I need the oxygen that omits from trees and plants to survive. I go to work every day to provide for my family so that I can feed them. When I am applying for a job I am in competition with others that are looking to take care of their families, therefore we are in competition with each other. I consume the natural resources that my eco system has to offer. I eat animals that in turn may eat other animals.

The image above is also


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