Lyric Dinner Case Study

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Contents 1. Do you think Deborah made a good career decision to take the job of general manager at Lyric? 3 2. Can this business be profitable? If not, why not? If yes, what needs to be done to achieve profitability? 5 3. What specific actions should Deborah take? 9

1. Do you think Deborah made a good career decision to take the job of general manager at Lyric?
In my opinion, from a career point of view Deborah made a high risk decision by joining Lyric Dinner Theater.
She had just completed her MBA from Harvard Business School in June 2009 and had various job opportunities to choose from; including the US office of an Israeli high-technology equipment firm and a major advertising firm in New
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This suggests that the business can be very much profitable. The turn-around from a loss making enterprise to achieving a profit of over USD 26000 can be attributed to two factors: * A part of it can be attributed to the show “Annie” * However, only the show cannot bring so much difference. A large part of it has to be attributed to the changes brought about by Belzer.
To achieve profitability in the long run, it needs to be ensured that the already implemented changes are properly executed and followed, and it also requires a host of other changes. The changes already introduced by Belzer are: * Bringing in a 3 stage Advertising strategy – * Mailing new show information to patrons from data collected on reservations, to circulating promotional pamphlets at each table * More advertisements in local papers & Chamber of Commerce publications – this helps target business groups also * Insertion of Human interest stories in papers – i.e. a PR campaign through personal contacts in publicity media. An example is the publicity buzz created by Belzer around choosing actor to play lead role in ANNIE * Production management– * Increased pre-show duration – * This helped get more tips for waiters as audience realized they were also acting * Distribution of free Lyric memorabilia to audience and use of information provided on participation forms for market research


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