E-Business Plan - Online Food Orders and Delivery Services

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E-Business Plan
Online Food Orders and Delivery Services

MMU-MBA Group Project for BEL6084 – Information Systems and E-Commerce
Semester : May 2005 - Jul 2005
Student ID : 1051200001 1051200019 1051200028
Supervisor : Mr. T. Subramanian


Executive Summary 1 Management Team 2 Product Description 3 Marketing Plan 4 Operational Plan 6 Financial Plan 7 Risk Analysis 9 Future Projections 10

Executive Summary

Mission Statement

To provide scrumptious, affordable and convenient meals to our target customers with the aid of Internet and its related technologies.


Subra and Co., founded in June 2005, is based in Penang with its two-in-a-box
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Apart from apply basic common sense, we've also done significant secondary research through the use of various published information and also through primary research by personally gathering data from relatives, colleagues, friends and Penangites in general. The paragraphs to follow will further elaborate on key factors that directly and/or indirectly affect our business in general. Marketing Plan


With focus on major commercial and industrialization area on the most populated non-capital city in Malaysia, our projection is to only capture a small fraction of this market share with a projected estimate of 500 customers daily. There's always an inelastic demand for food as it's the main sustenance for homosapiens and the only challenge is to capture the market into wanting our products.

Proposed Location

We will establish two headquarters in Penang – One in Krystal Point focusing on demands from the FIZ industrial zones and the other in Georgetown focusing on demands from the banking and commercial sector.


Our target customers will be low-mid to high income group office workers in the industrial sector in Bayan Lepas FTZ area as well as the commercial and financial sector in the Georgetown area.

Suppliers and Partners

We will work closely with wet market wholesalers as well as hypermarkets for the raw materials needed for food preparation. As for desserts and drinks, we will fully outsource this and obtain the products either


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