Principle of Specialization

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Principle of Specialization:
A Positive Review of a Repulsive Feature
While is it the belief of many that the Principle of Specialization is the most repulsive feature introduced to us by Plato in the Republic, the opposing argument is that the use of specialization is a great idea. Businesses aim to operate with as much productivity as possible while having very little waste, so why not our communities? The Principle of Specialization is present in all aspects of the community, from its humble beginnings of only a handful of men1 and even more so in the state that grows into one that needs an army for protection 2. By examining each new layer that is added, we can study each new aspect of specialization that is added to the
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Due to the increased population, there is also more land needed for the society to occupy. On this matter, Socrates thought that, “...we shall have to cut a slice off our neighbors territory. If they too are no longer confining themselves to necessities and have embarked on the pursuit of unlimited material possessions, they will want a slice of ours too”.18 Glaucon agrees that there will be consequences from enlarging the state which would ultimately lead to war.19 Due to a war being inevitable, an army must be added now to the society


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5 to keep it secure.20 The army is to be considered its own class to follow the principles that have already been used in constructing the state.21 It would be best for the safety of the


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