Subway Restaurants

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Research Report – Taking the Subway

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an in-depth analysis of the conduct of a market research project exploring customer expectation, satisfaction and behaviour in relation fast food restaurants. Particular attention is paid to Subway restaurants outlining the key strategies needed in order to increase popularity and therefore visitor numbers.

The Research Focus forms the backdrop of the study highlighting the background of the problem of obesity levels and the availability of fast food choices. Secondary data investigates past research undertaken in customer satisfaction surveys and the market position of Subway in relation to its major competitors. The purpose of the study is also revealed here
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Marketing champions, “eat fresh” and “Under 6 Subs”, as well as the endorsement by newfound celebrity Jared Fogle, are examples of standing itself out from the rest. Hence it is no surprise to see Subway’s timely response to this global demand for healthy fast food has seen itself soar with success. The consumer’s perception of low-fat, healthy food is related to a perception of a higher quality product (Boyle 2004).

Nevertheless, much cynicisms and criticism is raised against the “healthy fast food” proposition. For example, the alternative low-fat menus or healthy menus offered is simply a marketing exercise to improve the perception of the restaurant food, even though the items offered in the “healthy menu” are likely to be poor sellers, or even higher quality does not mean healthier and better nutrition.



Geraldine Goopio, Malcolm Lau, Vanessa Macknay and Damien Todorovic

Research Report – Taking the Subway

The above issues are still current and ongoing debates. Our satisfaction survey focuses on customer satisfaction on service quality. In particular, personal service and service setting (Gilbert et al 2004). A satisfaction survey does not cover the scope of whether the consumption of Subway has resulted in customer weight loss.

Secondary Research Findings Customer satisfaction surveys have shown that 50 percent of customers who have a problem with a product or service are not likely to tell the company about it. Nine out of


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