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Elective: Airline and Airport Management (Part -1)

Attend any 4 questions. Each question carries 25 marks
(Each answer should be of minimum 2 pages / of 300 words)

1. Airline management practice has evolved significantly over the past three decades. The development of this practice has contributed to recent advances in computation and communication technologies and, more importantly, the need to reduce costs and increase revenues. Explain.
2. The Total Airport Management System (TAMS) is an integrated airport management system which supports the business goals of providing an efficient, cost effective operation as it is the nucleus on the Multimedia Super Corridor
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Another usage is for statistical information on the time it take aircraft types to taxi onto stand from landing and off stand to departure.
Passenger and freight information can be used to calculate aeronautical charges and produce statistical information for load factor analysis.
Check-In opening and closing can be used for triggering the flight information display system status remarks and by the aeronautical billing system.
Departure gate opening and closing can be used for triggering the flight information display system and by the aeronautical billing system.
Seasonal schedule information can be entered and produces the daily mayfly information, which in turn is the basis of the daily flight information display information.
Apron Handling
Information can be entered in either ICAO or IATA in local time or UTC.
Stand Allocation
Block On/Off (If not entered by the airline/handling agent)
First Bag Last Bag Times
Ground Services Supplied to the Aircraft
Allocation of stands by aircraft type can be displayed to ATC who can direct the aircraft to the correct stand/air-bridge without