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Contents 1 Management Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Strategic Evaluation 6 3.1 SWOT analysis 6 Strength 6 Weakness 6 Opportunity 7 Threats 7 3.2 PEST analysis 7 Political 7 Economic 8 Social 8 Technology 8 4. Impact of IS 9 5. E-Marketing Strategy 11 5.1 E-Marketing strategy I will advise the organization to adopt 11 5.2 The value proposition and differential advantage of this strategy 11 6. Legal and ethical issues 13 7. Conclusion 14 8. References 15

1 Management Summary
As an experienced
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By using the advantage card data, the insight team has been able to identify four groups of promotion buyers. They are:The deal seekers (ever buy promotional lines), Stockpilers (bulk buying and then don’t visit for weeks), Loyalists (revert to their usual buying patterns),New market (buy items on promotion, continue to purchase same product).
By using the result of analysts, marketers can understand what they are achieving via their promotions, rather than just identifying the uplift. Analyzing market basket trends by shopper over time is also providing Boots with a new view of its traditional products categories.
Boots builds up its understanding by combining data from a number of customer dimensions: RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary value) analysis enhanced with profitability. Boots managed Boots relationship marketing programme enabled by the Advantage Card. To fulfill this relationship marketing, Boots is planning to make Specific campaigns system. This system will provide customer-center view technique. Campaign management system is based on CDAS development by IBM. By integrating campaign management system within the analytic environment of CDAS become the main strengths of Boots.

3. Strategic Evaluation Boots is a retailer company in United Kingdom. Boots marketing strategy change from the traditional product category focus to a


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