Vietnam Restaurant Business Plan

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Executive summary:
This business plan provides all specific information about business’s founder’s vision and the basic strategic plan necessary for initial establishment and operation of Vietnam Garden restaurant such as marketing analysis, marketing strategy, management, etc., (Stephen P. Robins and David A. Decenzo, 2010, p.74) .
To be located in Jalan Bukit Bintang, the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam Garden is established to serve Vietnamese cuisine for people in Bukit Bintang and areas around it. The basic objective is to offer travelers and residents the fresh, creative, attractive Vietnamese traditional foods. In fact, we have strong unique selling position in attracting customer attention because we provide foreign
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Our service provides specialty of high-quality food, along with professional services, affordable price for middle to hi- class people, and a unique country side design in the heart of the modern city. Moreover, we have experienced and well-trained staffs, waiters, waitresses, and cooks that can meet different anticipation from different types of customers. VietNam Garden is dedicated to be a unique environment by providing customers with authentic VietNam food together with the fresh air of the Vietnam countryside.
Methodology :
In order to gather the trustworthy information, our management team made sure to extract data only from websites which were reliable, trustable and used often by professional organization. Moreover, we made sure that we collected data from two or three similar sources to validate the information. We grouped it into two different categories, primary data and secondary data (Philip Kotler, John T. Bowen & James C. Makens, 2010,


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