Working and Leading People Assignment

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Appendix 1 – Job description for Vice President of Production 36
Appendix 2 – Job description for Vice President of Marketing 37
Appendix 3 – Person specification for Vice President of Production 38
Appendix 4 – Person specification for Vice President of Marketing 39
Appendix 5 – A sample job advert 40
Appendix 6 – A sample job application form 41
Appendix 7 – A sample CV 45
Appendix 8 – An introduction of and a sample electronic cognitive test 48


Working with and leading people is one of the major concepts of a person who wants to be a leader. A
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It is because there are no fixed, standardized principles in dealing with people, so the role of a HR manager in an organization is being greatly emphasized more and more nowadays.

- One Vice President of Engineering: people working in an Engineering Department usually tend to use the principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve technical problems in research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection, and maintenance. They also build or set up equipment, prepare and conduct experiments, collect data, calculate or record results[4]. The degree of importance of this department can be comparatively lower than the other departments in the organization. However, its contribution to the effectiveness of the production performance should not be underestimated as it provides a significant assistance to the production planning. It can be said to help the company have a smooth production, so it can coordinate with the Production Department to contribute better product performance for the joint venture company.

Above are basic, significant and necessary positions to a new entrant manufacturer like Kaisha Corporation. This setup can be flexibly changed according to specific business situations (e.g. financial performance), necessity of new positions. Accordingly, addtional positions are possible when necessary. For instance, Kaisha Corporation will provide the technical know-how for the local branch in Vietnam. Assume, that


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