Marketing of Kowloon Dairy

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Kowloon Dairy Marketing plan 2016

By Chris Ng
1. Introduction
2. Current marketing situation
• Market analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Customer analysis
• Company analysis
• SWOT analysis

3. Recommendation
• Marketing objectives
• Recommended target market
• Recommended position

This marketing plan examines capitalize on the production line extension – sport milk into the Hong Kong market, and makes recommendations regarding its launch. Kowloon Dairy is a supplier of milk products. It has 450 employees and more than 30 fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks that guarantees the integrity of
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• Drinking milk products grew by a constant retail value CAGR of 11% in 2011.
• Flavored milk drinks with fruit juice recorded has a very good growth, of 32% of drinking milk products in 2011 due to growth of 30% in current retail value terms in average unit prices. In retail volume terms, the category grew by 2% in 2011.
• Average unit price in drinking milk products increased by 22% in current retail value terms in 2011and growth of 30%in current retail value terms in average unit price.

Competitor analysis
In Hong Kong, the drinking milk industry is quite competitive. The industry is divided into fresh milk, soya milk, coffee milk and milk products. The market of the fresh milk is getting big and bigger in Hong Kong, government started to promote the health care of human, and milk is one of the products that can related to good for health.
For the industry of the fresh milk, has many competitors form the worldwide in this market; only in China has more than 20 competitors. The numbers of the yearly new players are not so many; most of the years are within most 10 all over the world, of course many of the players’ failures.
The quality and the price in this industry affected the business the most, since everyone take care for the healthy life, and they believed the function of the milk, such as it is good for kids to growth and get stronger, and good for the elder for their bones, so the quality and function


  • Purpose of Evaluating Customer Service Policies
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